Samuel Merritt University is dedicated to ensuring that all nurses pursuing a primary care provider role are empowered to do so. Therefore, Samuel Merritt University is offering a variety of Affinity Scholarship opportunities to RN’s enrolling in our MSN or DNP family nurse practitioner program. If you are a nurse that has demonstrated academic success, attained employment experience, or are actively participating in various nursing associations, you may qualify. Prospective students who meet the requirements of a specific Affinity Scholarship, who request consideration, and enroll in the MSN or DNP FNP program will be awarded one of the scholarships described below. Limit one scholarship per student.

Find out which scholarship you qualify for by contacting one of our admission counselors. (Limit one scholarship per student).

$10,000 Scholarships:

• Community Impact Scholarship

• Experienced Nurse Scholarship

First Generation Scholarship

Nursing Leadership Scholarship

Academic Excellence Scholarship

Legacy Scholarship

• Membership Affiliation

Proof of membership in a nursing association such as:

  • Alaska Native American Indian Nurses Association
  • American Association for Men in Nursing
  • Asian American Pacific Islander Nurses Association
  • National Association of Hispanic Nurses
  • National Black Nurses Association
  • Philippines Nurses Association of America

20% Discount Scholarships

• Alumni Scholarship

• Sutter Health Employee Scholarship

Full Scholarship

• DACA students

Learn More About Scholarship Eligibility

Affinity scholarships are available for fulltime MSN FNP or DNP FNP students and are divided evenly over each semester of the program. Students who move to part-time or who take a leave of absence, will lose Affinity Scholarship availability.